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is a leading public interest law centre, recognized for putting the pursuit of justice at the heart of service to its diverse clients. At House of Justice™, we match our commitment with premium advocacy skills to find solutions in law as in life for those whom we serve.

House of Justice™ prioritizes personal attention to our clients with a multi-disciplinary team of experts working together to find real and enduring remedies

At House of Justice™, we seek to be an ally of first choice to people who often believe they have nowhere else to go. Working closely with them and with our diverse partners within and beyond Nigeria, House of Justice™ works to make the path to justice an empowering client experience.

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Family Law

We provide services to clients dealing with family-related matters and domestic relations such as marriage, child protective services, parental rights, divorce and more.

Client Counselling

We offer legal advice based on the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s case, outlining the advantages and disadvantages. We guide clients in making well-informed decisions that provide solutions in law and in life.

Civil Law

We provide legal services in the system of law that concern non-criminal rights and duties of natural and legal persons.

Criminal Law & Prevention

We provide legal services on actions and inactions that are harmful and work in the area of punishments, retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation and restoration.

Medical Law & Mass Atrocities Accountability.

We work to provide services to clients who suffer medical negligence, medical crimes and infractions that rise from the health system.

Human Rights Law

Human rights are inalienable entitlements of all human. We are known locally and internationally for the outstanding legal services we provide for the protection and enforcement of fundamental rights and freedoms.

Mass Atrocities Accountability

We work to provide legal representation and accountability for mass killings, war crimes, or attacks on communities, farmlands, waterways or cultural heritages.

Transitional Law

Our team of lawyers provide services that respond to Human Rights violations through judicial redress, political reforms and cultural healing efforts in a region or country.

International Law

We work to ensure the execution of the body of international rules, norms and standards that apply between sovereign states in international trade, human rights, diplomacy, etc.

Fashion Law

We provide legal services that address the legal issues faced by designers, fashion brands, models and modelling agencies through the protection of intellectual property, drafting and signing of contracts, modeling rights etc.

Entertainment Law

Clients who work in the entertainment and creative industry have us as their foremost legal ally in all areas of entertainment, advisory and legal services, contracts, entertainment negotiations etc.

Media Law

Media rights and Media Law is a vast area that requires regulation. We ensure our clients are able to navigate the laws and policies that govern broadcasting, digital and media rights.

Company Registration

To ensure legal compliance, companies need to register, pay their annual returns and meet the obligations required of them by Company Law. We offer legal services for registering business names, non-profits, private and public companies. We cater to small and medium-scale businesses, partnership arrangements, trusteeships, and more.

Probate Matters

Everything that has a beginning has an end. We provide legal services that enable clients write their wills, testaments and trusts. Where a person dies interstate and is unable to have access to their assets, we enable them to obtain Letter of Administration along with the adjoining legal processes.

Notary Public

We have Notary public officers that have been enabled by the Law to serve the public. Our Notaries notarize documents, authorize the performance of legal formalities, financial transactions and a wide range of authorizations that a Notary Public enables.

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11 Jul 2024

HOJ to raise $250,000 to rebuild Southern Kaduna

In a press statement issued by House of Justice HOJ, on Southern Kaduna Resilience Fund, the Chief Executive Officer of HOJ Gloria Ballason Esq, said, the initiative is set to rebuild communities,...

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