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The Molluma Yakubu Centre for Medical Law (Molluma Medico-Legal Centre) is currently located in Kaduna in the North Central region of Nigeria. It is the first of its kind in Africa and the third in the world. The Centre addresses medical negligence, crimes and infractions that arise from the health system and offers a range of legal and para-legal services on mass atrocities cases.

The Centre is designed to offer legal representation and accountability for victims of medical malpractice and deploys forensics and other forms of medical or scientific evidence gathering to reach the ends of justice. We work with institutions who seek to identify victims, catalogue them, give them dignity and identity even in death to enable their families and communities experience closure and in time, ensure that the perpetrators do not escape justice or accountability.

The Centre is named in honour of Molluma Lami Yakubu, a lawyer, writer and advocate against medical malpractice who tragically died from causes not unrelated to medical malpractice.

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